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​Founded in 2020, Alpha Arts connects Liberal Arts Students across North America and Asia with professional mentors, cultural institutions and projects. Our practical programs provide our members with the skills and resources they need to enter and succeed in the arts industry.


for Students.


We offer academic consulting services for secondary students who are interested in pursuing liberal arts degrees in top tier Universities. 


We offer undergraduate and graduate students in liberal arts programs with support in academic planning, personal branding, professional networking and hands-on research opportunities.

For student artists, we provide unique networking events and tailored programming including professional art critique and internship opportunities with galleries and art agencies.

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Secondary, Undergrad, Grad Students 


Support Group

for Artists.


For a handful of selected artists, we offer a higher level package to help them further develop their art skills, marketing and commercial image. This includes one-on-one guidance with professional educators and curators, collaborations with galleries and opportunities to show at exhibitions.

Emerging Artists 

for Professionals.


​In the Cultural and Arts Sectors


Liberal art students come from diverse backgrounds and lived experiences, but what they share is a passion and commitment for the arts, whether that is in humanities, or STEM, or tech.


Alpha Arts's ongoing project #ProudArts Sportlight conducts interviews and features stories of selected senior professionals on our platforms. Alpha Arts not only connects students but also professionals from different industries. There are also opportunities to get involved as a mentor all year round.

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Our Students

History Association, University of Toronto, ON

Potilics and Economics Club, University of Toronto, ON

Book and Media Studies Chinese Association, University of Toronto, ON

Enlight Movie Club, University of British Columbia, BC