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Our mission is to connect, support and empower liberal arts students and emerging creatives. In a tech-dominated world, the most needed degrees are the most surprising: those in the liberal arts. Alpha Arts is dedicated to helping liberal arts students thrive. We support students at all levels with crafting a competitive and unique academic path, with programs ranging from assistance with course selections and extracurriculars to enhancing their professional networks. 

A community of 1500+ liberal arts (and growing) students

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the Community

From the individual artists to the liberal arts students; from art educators who mentor youth to arts companies sponsoring and providing opportunities, Alpha Arts supports and connects a diverse breadth of community-engaged liberal arts students and arts organizations from North America and Asia on multi-platforms.




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the Arts Students.


Our programs are designed to help art students cultivate the necessary skills to accomplish their personal and professional development results. Our most recent workshop was sponsored by the University of Toronto and held in partnership with PunchMedia!, where students had the opportunity to learn about personal branding strategies with social media guru Leslie Hughes.

More coming in Summer 2021, Stay Tuned!

Image by Brooke Cagle
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Our networking events bring together liberal art students and industry experts. These events expose students to various arts industries that expand their interests and professional horizons beyond the classrooms. Students also gain valuable mentorship experience from industry seniors at the event.  

Our virtual Student Night with the Power Plant Art Gallery featured 150+ arts students. (2020)